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Get Wormfare MerchGrab Wormfare merch like T-shirts or hats to show your commitment. It's your eco-warrior uniform for cleaning missions
worm how it work
Team up with friendsGather your green team to clean a local polluted spot. Choose anywhere that needs love—forests, beaches, or parks
worm how it work
FILM Your CleanupClean the area and record everything—show the before, the cleaning, and the sparkling after
worm how it work
Earn RewardsGet up to $100 in WOFR tokens for each cleanup video you share and tag. Your hard work earns you more than just gratitude
worm how it work
Share Your StoryPost your cleanup video online and tag Wormfare. Your efforts will inspire others and amplify the impact

Empowering Eco Organizations: Partner with Us to Amplify Your Impact

With tracery, we pledge to donate a percentage of our proceeds to eco organizations, ranging from 1% up to an incredible 100%. Your dedication to environmental stewardship deserves recognition and support, and we're here to make sure your efforts are amplified.

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new dimension to Game-fi

Wormfare is a unique play-to-earn game that blends engaging gameplay, crypto incentives, and impactful community quests. Our platform leverages the power of play to unite gamers worldwide in a shared effort to address critical environmental challenges.

Quest-to-Earn: Gaming with a Purpose
Quest-to-Earn: Gaming with a PurposeOur community quests are designed around real-world issues, allowing players to tackle environmental problems directly. From reducing waste to promoting sustainability, your gaming achievements translate into tangible impacts.
1% Goes to organizations
1% Goes to organizationsA minimum of 1% of rewards from Wormfare are donated directly to ecological organizations. This commitment ensures that a portion of every reward goes beyond the game, supporting real-world environmental efforts. Our players don't just earn; they contribute to a cycle of sustainability and support for organizations fighting on the front lines of environmental conservation.
Efficient Blockchain
Efficient BlockchainChoosing Polygon as our blockchain foundation underscores our commitment to environmental responsibility. Known for its efficiency and low carbon footprint, Polygon allows Wormfare to leverage the benefits of blockchain technology without the hefty computational and environmental cost